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Saving for the 100+ person event that is your wedding can seem daunting, without factoring in the cost of a honeymoon in the following weeks. There are ways to make paying for your honeymoon more manageable, without sacrificing the quality of your first days together as a married couple.

1. Use a Travel Agent

While you can get great deals online, a travel agent can find you better value. Their personal relationships with accommodations and attractions mean that you may be able to get less for more. Plus, there’s no better time than the months leading up to your wedding to leave the planning to someone else!

2. Set a Budget

Set a budget and stick with it. The best way to avoid over spending is to have a strict upper limit.

3. Pick a Less Popular Destination

Choosing a destination that isn’t frequented by tourists generally means less expensive accommodations, dining and transportation. If your heart is set on a popular beach or tourist-filled city, consider traveling outside the peak season.

4. Stay Local

Keeping your honeymoon within reasonable driving distance reduces transportation costs. That means you can spend more on accommodations and excursions without blowing the budget.

5. Opt for a Bed and Breakfast

Instead of a high-end hotel room (with a high-end price), choose to stay at a bed and breakfast. You may sacrifice some privacy and amenities in exchange for the savings. You may also gain cozy corners, gourmet breakfasts and an animal or two.

6. Stay at an All-Inclusive

You may pay more up front, but once you arrive, everything is taken care of. If you feel restricted by an all-inclusive, try a package that includes your hotel room, a few meals, spa credits, and transportation to the airport and nearby attractions. For further savings, downgrade the room you choose. Giving up an ocean-front view could be worth the reduced room rate!

7. Fly Midweek

Taking a few days to recover from your wedding at home will not only make you feel more prepared to travel, but could lower your travel costs. Flights during the week are generally less expensive.

8. Register for Your Honeymoon

Your friends and family will likely be glad to contribute to your honeymoon in lieu of material gifts. We promise, it’s 100% okay to have a honeymoon registry.

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