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Fall calls for rich flavors throughout your menu, including your wedding cake. Classic fall wedding cake flavors like cinnamon, caramel and cranberry can easily be mixed and matched throughout your cake, filling and frosting with delicious results. The season’s cakes are often decorated with bold colors and details that take cues from nature’s autumn beauty.

Fall Wedding Cake Flavors

Perhaps the most beloved autumn cake flavor is spice. This aromatic base pairs well with lots of frostings and fillings, from fruity berries to rich chocolate. Cream cheese frosting is the traditional choice; chocolate or white chocolate ganache is also a delicious option, and buttercream can be used as well. Spice cake and a frill-free frosting leave you plenty of options for fillings. Pumpkin, cranberry, caramel, chai and espresso are rich, complementary choices.

Fall is the perfect time of year for an apple cinnamon cake. A salted caramel frosting and filling balance the sweetness of the apple cake. You could also opt for a peanut butter frosting.

Like spice cake, chocolate cake pairs well with almost any fall flavor. Consider adding caramel, pumpkin, chai, hazelnut or toffee to your frosting and filling. You could also choose chocolate frosting for an incredibly rich yet simple fall wedding cake.

While not everyone’s favorite, if you or your fiancé love carrot cake, add a layer of it to your wedding cake. The spiced cake and cream cheese frosting are delicious with a fruit filling of raspberries, oranges or cranberries.

Other rich flavors for fall include butterscotch cake with caramel, brown butter or cream cheese frosting. Red velvet is a popular wedding cake choice particularly suited to fall. Pair it with cream cheese frosting or a classic vanilla frosting.

Autumn Cake Decorations

The jewel tones and foliage of fall make for beautiful wedding cakes. Drip cakes continue to be popular, but caramel and chocolate drips replace the bright colors of spring and summer as the weather cools. Deep blue, magenta and green frostings accented with freehand metallic stripes are simple yet pretty.

Fall foliage, whether real or edible, is a beautiful way to decorate autumn wedding cakes. Add flowers that mimic the foliage’s bright colors for more volume. Fruity cakes can be dressed up with apple or pear slices, little pumpkins and sugared berries among the flowers.

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