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Trends in wedding band styles come and go, but you’ll wear your bands forever. Using this year’s trending styles as a guide, pick a band you love to remind you of your commitment to your partner. Whether you and your soon-to-be spouse choose matching or complementary, ultra-modern or vintage-inspired, smooth or textured, let these trends serve as inspiration for your picks.

For Her

Wedding bands, which were once just an afterthought, are more ornate than ever before. Instead of playing a supporting character to your engagement ring’s starring role, wedding band trends are pushing them toward the spotlight. You’ll see bands with inset gems, including diamonds, sapphires, and morganite.

Vintage-inspired bands are more popular than ever as the perfect complement for antique-looking or heirloom engagement rings. More modern trends include stacked bands in mixed metals. Brides are also opting for bands stacked both above and below their engagement rings for extra wow-factor. While texture is trending in men’s wedding bands, women are seeing more refined details in twisted bands, whether alone or as part of a stack.

For Him

Gone are the days where women’s rings get all the attention! Men’s wedding bands are more intricate and detail-oriented than in the past. However, this focus on details is not at the expense of masculinity.

One of the most dominant trends in men’s wedding bands is the addition of texture. Engraved fingerprints, abstract textures, nature-inspired surfaces and more are all popular. These subtle details are often paired with sleek edges or inlays. For more powerful visual interest, mixed metals are also a trending option. Various golds, copper, silver and more are all popular. You’ll also see precious stones inlaid.

Another popular option that strays from the detail-heavy trends, yet still offers a powerful, masculine visual symbol of your love is a tall, matte black wedding band.

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