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Finding the perfect wedding venue takes patience and dedication. It’s one of the first steps future brides and grooms take after their engagement and choosing a venue affects dozens of decisions you’ll make later on. One of the most important questions to ask yourselves is whether a raw space that calls for lots of do-it-yourself projects or a full-service venue is right for you.

Full-service venues offer a number of benefits that provide value, something DIY venues can’t match. If you’re considering different types of venues, consider whether a full-service space is right for your wedding.

Benefits of a Full-Service Venue

  • Because full-service venues are designed to hold large events like weddings, there is already a space for everything. You’ll find dedicated areas for your ceremony and reception, as well as parking, restrooms, a kitchen and get-ready rooms.
  • These spaces are furnished beautifully to fit the feel of the venue. Not only does the venue supply tables, chairs and other essential furniture, but no corner will feel empty.
  • When you rely on a full-service venue, you leave the coordination of many vendors to a single point person (who isn’t you!). Instead of talking to each vendor separately, the majority will speak to the venue’s coordinator assigned to your wedding.
  • The vendors you use, whether they’re specific to the venue or part of the venue’s preferred list, will be used to working in the space you’re using. This eliminates the need for walk-throughs and may cut costs.
  • A full-service venue takes care of staffing your wedding. You can rest easy knowing the day-of coordinator, bartenders and servers will be experienced professionals.
  • Instead of building or buying your own décor, you can rent it from your venue. This can save money, is more environmentally friendly and saves you from having to take it home after the wedding.
  • The setup and teardown of your ceremony and reception spaces is taken care of. Some full-service venues will even add items you bring, such as extra décor, handmade favors or an heirloom cake cutter, into the room for you.
  • A backup plan for inclement weather, vendor issues or other emergencies is built in to a full-service venue’s outline of your wedding.
  • Perhaps the biggest benefit of a full-service venue, and the reason many couples choose to host their wedding at one, is the reduced stress. With seasoned professionals handing the details, you can focus on more important things!

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