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Dinner and dancing, speeches from your best man and maid of honor, and a well-stocked bar are all important pieces of your wedding reception. Help your guests, especially the youngest ones, stay busy during cocktail hour with an awesome selection of games. Having a few games set out throughout the night are also great for guests who need a break from the dance floor.

Games you and your fiancé love, games you played with your families growing up and games you know your young nieces and nephews enjoy are all good wedding entertainment options.

Add the games you decide on to a portion of your card table. You can also use a table at your reception exclusively for tons of game options and space to place away from fragile centerpieces and spilled food.

Enjoy Classics with a Wedding Twist

Almost any game can match your wedding theme. Classic board games like Yahtzee, checkers and dominos come in lots of colors and materials. Choosing popular games ensures your guests will know how to play and multiple generations can play together.

Design bride and groom trivia, wedding-themed word searches and pretty sheets of tic tac toe to fit your reception. You can keep them on a designated game table or add them to place settings.

Add Lawn Games to an Outdoor Wedding

Take advantage of great weather and your outdoor venue with lawn games. Giant Jenga, cornhole, croquet and badminton are all easy to set up before guests arrive and keep everyone entertained throughout the night.

Encourage your guests to explore the grounds of your venue with a customized scavenger hunt. Include both outdoor locations and wedding moments sure to happen, like a kiss between the new couple and kids dancing. Have your guests capture the scavenger hunt items with their camera or phone.

For unique after-dinner entertainment, hang a piñata that matches your décor outside and let kids take turns swinging.

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