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Intimate wedding ceremonies and destination weddings go hand in hand. Couples with their hearts set on just a few dozen guests should consider looking beyond the city they call home for a small wedding venue.

Intimate guest lists give couples the opportunity to plan a destination wedding tailored to each of their guest’s wants and needs, without ignoring their own. The best places for small destination weddings offer brides and grooms the ability to customize their ceremony, reception and excursions for their entire guest list.


Planning for a Small Destination Wedding

First and foremost, fewer guests equate to fewer details to worry about. Wedding planning for an intimate wedding venue may allow you and your future spouse to consider adding an additional element to your planning: coordinating your big day from afar.

Couples with a very small guest list may even be able to involve their family and friends in some elements of planning. Your travel dates, activities while abroad and other details can be discussed with the people who matter most on your big day. This ensures everyone who travels to witness your nuptials enjoys each moment of the experience.


Choose an Intimate Venue

With a small number of attendees, you can choose the best place for your small wedding without worrying about how you’ll fit extra guests in. Consider a lodge, boathouse, church or uninhabited island as the venue for both your ceremony and reception.

Limiting the guest list also gives you the ability to provide transportation between separate ceremony and reception venues. Many large destination weddings use all-inclusive locations due to transportation restrictions. For your small destination wedding, hire a ferry or rent a bus and choose any small venue you’d like.


Tailor Your Menu

No matter where you your small wedding venue is located, an intimate guest list lends itself to upgraded rehearsal dinner and reception menus. The extra expense will be enjoyed by your guests in any location. Having the budget to splurge on delicacies during a destination wedding is extra special.

Consider enjoying dinner with your guests in a family-style meal. Passing dishes of local cuisine between a few large tables encourages conversation among friends and family that lasts long past dinner.

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