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Your bridesmaids are going to be by your side from morning until night on your wedding day. Help them prepare for the big day with an essentials-filled tote bag. A personalized bag with a few must-haves inside can be your gift to your bridesmaids. Or, pair it with a practical bridesmaid gift, such as covering the girls’ hair and makeup or the night in a hotel near your venue.

After choosing a bag all your bridesmaids will love (and definitely use again), put some thought into what you’ll be filling it with. The possibilities are almost endless; choose staples every girl will use or something special each bridesmaid will use during the wedding.

Wedding Day Essentials

Prepare bridesmaids for the day ahead with tissues, snacks and mints. You should also include a list of contact information for all of your vendors and each member of the wedding party. Stick a wedding day itinerary in the gift bags too. These items aren’t super fun, but if any hiccups occur, everyone will be glad they’re on the same page.

Matching Accessories

If you want your bridesmaids to wear matching robes or button down shirts while getting ready, include them in your tote bag. Try to consider what your girls will be comfortable in and wear again when picking out your getting ready outfits.

For grey days, matching umbrellas can make for adorable photos of your bridal party. They’ll also come in handy for your walk from car to venue if it does start to sprinkle.

Stay Hydrated

Mimosas combined with a sunny ceremony can make a girl thirsty. Make sure everyone stays hydrated with high quality water bottles. Something that won’t spill if it gets knocked around is best. Water bottles can easily be personalized with initials and unique colors so it’s easy to tell everyone’s drinks apart.

Say Thanks

No matter what items you include in the bridesmaid bags for your wedding day, make sure they’re paired with a hand written thank you note. A heartfelt letter lets your girls know just how much you appreciate them joining you on your special day.

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