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A champagne toast was once a wedding tradition no one overlooked. Today, however, there are many reasons to skip champagne during toasts on your wedding day.

Couples looking for somewhere to cut costs may see the champagne as one item to skip. Others want to spend more time on the dance floor or visiting with guests. Pouring a flute for each guest will take your caterer’s or venue’s staff a good amount of time.

Not all of your guests will like champagne or drink alcohol at all. This results in wasted champagne or even hurt feelings.

Instead of a traditional toast, choose one of these alternatives to champagne for your wedding.

Top off Guests’ Drinks

Let guests raise a glass of their preferred drink. This makes life easier for everyone. No one has to pour 200 glasses of champagne and no one has to pretend to like champagne!

Serve Your Signature Drink

If you and your new spouse chose a customized drink to serve at the reception, use it as an alternative to champagne during toasts. What’s more special than your closest friends and family celebrating your love by raising a glass of the drink you crafted with your fiancé?

Indulge in Sparkling Tea

For a toast drinkers and non-drinkers can enjoy together, serve a unique sparkling tea. Sparkling grape juice and sparkling cider are always options as well.

Drink Local

Celebrate with a beer, wine or spirit made in your hometown or wedding location. This gives you and your fiancé a wonderful reason to check out a few local breweries and wineries before your upcoming wedding!

Let Guests Serve Themselves

Offer a simple, seasonal and delicious mixed drink that’s easily created in large quantities. Serve in pretty punch bowls or jugs so those who want to toast with a special drink can.

Pour Prosecco

If you love the idea of a champagne toast but not the price tag, consider prosecco. This bubbly alternative is incredibly similar. Some guests will probably even enjoy it more!

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