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It’s easy for a wedding to quickly become internally focused, so before your inner Bridezilla takes over, consider these simple ideas to create a charitable wedding.

Donate Bridal Blossoms

Your bridal bouquets and centerpieces will be a focal point of your big day, but only for a few hours. Once the festivities have ended, the beautiful blooms can bring joy to others for days. Work with local nursing homes and hospitals to find an organization that will accept your floral donation and enlist friends and family members to deliver the blooms.

Say Yes to Donating Your Dress

It’s unlikely that you’ll ever wear your wedding dress again, and while it’s a sentimental memory of your special day, it could also go a long way to doing good for another bride or local charity. Find a local organization that will either donate your dress to a bride in need or sell it online to generate funds for the organization. The same can be done with your bridesmaids’ dresses – despite your best efforts, it’s unlikely that they’ll wear them again!

Feed Love

Work with your caterer or a local shelter or food bank to find an organization that will accept donations of leftovers from your reception or brunch. You can also collect non-perishable food donations at your bridal shower to support your local food bank or shelters.

Kiss for a Cause

Everyone wants to see you kiss on your wedding day, but the glass clinking can get a little old and a little loud. Rather than asking guests to clink their glasses, request that they make a small donation to a charity of your choice in return for a kiss by the happy couple. You can decorate a glass jar or vase with the charity logo and place it on the head table to collect donations.

Favor it Forward

Donations made in lieu of favors are a great way to add a charitable element to your wedding. You can make a donation to a charity of your choice in advance, or you can let your guests chose the charity they’d like to support. Working with TisBest, you can print pre-loaded charity gift cards and let your guest go online and select up to three charities to support from a list of more than 300 organizations.

A favor purchased from a vendor that donates a portion of their proceeds to a good cause allows you to do good while also sending guest home with a token of your appreciation.

Charitable Registry

If your closets and cupboards are already full, consider a charitable gift registry. Create a universal registry, such as HoneyFund or Amazon, and add the donation page of your favorite charity directly to your registry. Your friends and family will have the option to make donations in your name to organizations or causes close to your heart. This is also a great way to honor people you’ve loved and lost.


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