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Lighting is key to a successful wedding. The ability to create a mood or set the tone with lighting in the colors of your wedding can elevate your reception and make the whole event look and feel customized.

Your lighting plan can also build or change throughout the event. Rich’s Event Planning Manager, Steve Guagliardi, suggests starting with some warms tones in the lighting and then transitioning into colors to match the wedding colors for dancing. “Using transitional lighting to move from one stage of the evening to the next keeps your guests engaged and having fun.”

Here are some of our favorite lighting trends:

  • String it up – Bistro lights and string lights (solid white or colorful) add a whimsical and playful element to your lighting. Strings can be used to enhance or transform a basic background into an eye-catching focal point and great photo backdrop.
  • Up lighting – Dramatic colored bulbs can transform any room into a magical setting while also complementing your color scheme. Custom overlays can be created to project designs on the walls; adding warmth and elegance to any reception. Rich’s can project your monogram onto the three-story reclaimed brick fireplace at the Atrium for a classic, personalized effect.
  • Light-up letters/words – These pops of color and light are both personalized and fun, and can help tell your story. Whether you’re using your initials or words that describe you as a couple, the lights set the scene and provide an easy backdrop for photos and head table highlights.
  • Hanging lighting – From elaborate crystal chandeliers to rustic lanterns with branches and greenery, hanging lights can be used indoors and out to add depth to a space, draw the eye upwards, and establish focal points in a large space.
  • Simple romance – There’s nothing quite like real candles to create a romantic setting. Pillar candles clustered as centerpieces, lining the aisle or creating pathways are easy ways to create intimacy, define a space and establish a romantic mood.

Once an afterthought, lighting is now a primary element in a memorable wedding plan. Don’t neglect this easy way to set the scene, reflect your personality and transform an ordinary space.

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