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There are many ways to go about creating your wedding invitations. Couples can DIY invites, or work with a local professional, Etsy designer or online template. No matter who you turn to, it helps to have a few ideas in mind when creating an invitation suite.

There is wedding invitation inspiration everywhere! Most importantly, choose something you love, so you can easily transition the design to your wedding program, menu and reception signage.

Your Wedding’s Location

Incorporate the city or destination where your wedding will be held. Vintage or minimalist maps, skyline sketches and local monuments can all serve as invitation inspiration.

Venue and Theme

Take into account the feel of your wedding, be it industrial, rustic, vintage, traditional or minimalist. Reflect elements of your venue in the invitation suite to give guests a taste of what to expect on your big day.

Details You Already Love

If you’ve fallen in love with a dress, bouquets, centerpieces or linens, use them for inspiration. Taking details from elements already chosen and using them in decisions going forward, like invitations and cake design, helps create a cohesive look.


Weddings often draw inspiration from the season they’re in, especially fall and winter ceremonies. Springtime florals, autumn harvests and winter ice crystals can all be incorporated into invitations seamlessly.

Important Specifics

Destination weddings, unique schedules and unusual menus all require a bit more explaining than traditional weddings. More necessary information means more space, so design with this in mind.

Your Wedding Website

If you’re keeping your invitation short and sweet with a link to your wedding website, make the two cohesive. An invitation that reflects your website will let guests know they’re in the right place after typing the address into their web browser.

Other Invitations

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If you find invitations you love, use their fonts, materials and accents as inspiration. Note how others used luxe techniques like embossing, foil, paints and calligraphy in their invitations.

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