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Struggling to find a way to stand out from all the other weddings? Entertainment might be the answer to your dilemma. From drama-inducing mood lighting to a stellar DJ that gets everyone up and dancing, some of these smaller budget items can make the most memorable impact on your big day.

There are many of ways to inject little bits of “wow” into your wedding reception. And not every one of them has to blow your budget. Jeff Toy, of Toy Bros Entertainment in Buffalo, NY, suggests setting the mood with lighting, entertaining guests with photo booths linked to popular social network sites and, of course, hiring a DJ with all the right tunes to keep you dancing “All Night Long” (as Lionel Richie would say).

Light Up the Night

For as little as $25 per light, lighting can transform a room from ordinary to extraordinary. Toy Bros offers battery powered lighting that changes throughout the night, setting the stage for an elegant cocktail hour with up and underlighting in colorful hues to match your theme, and then infusing the room with energy as the lights move to the beat of the music when the dancing begins. You can create a magical scene for under $500 with lighting.

Pose and Post with Photo Booths Linked to Social Media

Photo booths that print out four photos are so passé. Today’s photo booths are compact, linked to social media, post images to your own web gallery instantly and have customized digital props. Toy Bros has a wide selection of photo booths with all the latest technology to create lasting memories. Who needs a print out when Toy Bros will text your photos to you in 30 seconds so you can apply filters, share, post and save all your favorite shots. 

On the Dance Floor

Not up for the traditional garter and bouquet toss? You’re not alone. Jeff says more and more couples are hosting an anniversary dance to honor the couple in attendance celebrating the longest marriage. After the dance, you can present the couple with a toss bouquet or small token of appreciation for their inspiring portrayal of ‘happily ever after.’

Many clients request Toy Bros’ signature event, the “Shout” dance. Jeff created this amazing crowd photo opportunity (as seen in the photo accompanying this post) in his early DJ years by bringing everyone onto the dance floor behind the couple. As the newlyweds indulge in a kiss, the DJ pumps out the Buffalo sports anthem, “Shout,” and the crowd goes wild behind them. Click. Instant magic!

Both of these examples point to the value of a great DJ. The team at Toy Bros entertains guests at 500 weddings each year. With a diverse team of DJs, Jeff matches the couple and their needs with the DJ best suited to deliver just what they’re looking for.

“I think it’s important to sit down with each couple and get to know their personalities while learning about what they envision for their wedding reception,” said Jeff. “In that first meeting, I pay attention to their mannerisms and answers to a few simple questions and that enables me to pair them up with the perfect DJ from my team. It’s all about being able to cater to the client and making their vision a reality.”

What should you expect to pay for a good DJ? Quality DJs will start around $900. Jeff cautions that good vendors book fast. So, book early, ideally 12-18 months in advance, and ask lots of questions. Remember, if you don’t get a quick response from any wedding vendor, you might not be dealing with an experienced, reliable, full time professional.

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