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Planning a destination wedding involves so much more than just airline tickets and resort reservations. You’ll need to find local vendors, plan excursions and entertainment for guests, and understand the region’s legal marriage stipulations. Feeling overwhelmed already? Worry not, The Travel Team is available to help make your dream wedding a reality.


Leave the Details to Us

Not into details? Don’t worry, we are! Once you choose your wedding date, package and resort, we do the rest! Your only job is to relax and enjoy the journey. To help minimize your stress, The Travel Team can:

  • Secure the best group rates and block accommodations and airfare for all guests,
  • Provide reception planning contacts,
  • Refer you to foreign consulates for necessary documentation,
  • Advise all travelers on passport and VISA requirements,
  • Offer optional travel insurance,
  • Mail individualized vacation documents to all travelers,
  • Book spa, dinner and sightseeing excursions,
  • Take the stress off you by acting as a liaison for guests inquiring about pricing, deposits, reservations and more.

“We always offer an initial planning meeting with a couple to review their wedding vision and budget, explain the step-by-step booking process and help couples narrow down the overwhelming array of options. All this is offered at no extra cost to the couple,” said Nicole Czechowski, Leisure and Luxury Travel Specialist, The Travel Team. “Plus, we leverage our vendor partnerships and professional affiliations to secure the best deals for our couples. We can often secure a better deal than what’s offered online.”


Say Hello to Honeymoon Help

A Honeymoon registry is a great option for guests and couples. Some of your friends and family would much rather give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience than a new set of mixing bowls. And, after months of saving for your dream wedding, you’ll appreciate the financial support.

“The Travel Team will prepare personalized honeymoon registry cards to include with your invitations,” said Toni Aiken McConnaughey, CTC, Luxury and Leisure Travel Consultant, The Travel Team. “Guests can give gifts in any amount directly to The Travel Team, which will go toward the couple’s travel fund or even special services like spa treatments and romantic dinners.”


Words of Wisdom

We’ve helped many couples plan their destination wedding and we’ve learned a few tricks along the way. Here are some helpful hints to get you started:

  • Consider your guests. Before you select a location, think about when and where your guests might like to go, and much it will cost for everyone to get there.
  • Plan early. Many hotels can give their best price up to one year in advance. If better prices become available, we work with our vendor partners to negotiate price matching.
  • Meet with us. We love meeting with couples who are planning their destination wedding. We’d like to take the time to understand your vision. Give us a sense of your location ideas, timing, budget and any extra amenities or activities you’d like to include.
  • Look into local marriage requirements. Every country has difference requirements to grant a marriage certificate, including residency restrictions. The Travel Team will research the legal marriage stipulations for your destination, but often they recommend a symbolic wedding for ease of planning.


The Travel Team is a preferred honeymoon and destination wedding vendor of Buffalo Indie Weddings.

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