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Every wedding needs signage, but summer weddings, with their outdoor ceremonies and unique trends, require a little extra to point people in the right direction. Consider adding these trendy signs to your summer wedding.

Welcome Friends and Family

A welcome sign is a nice touch and it lets people know they’re in the right place before they get too far into the venue. Summer is the perfect season for a simple sign dressed with flowers or greenery, or a boldly colored sign with a modern design. Regardless of the style of your signage, make sure it can withstand a few sprinkles or gust of wind.

Just beyond your welcome sign, or on the same sign, let people know where specific events will be occurring throughout the day. In an outdoor venue with large grounds, your ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, lawn games and fire pit may not all be visible from the entrance.

Keep Guests Comfortable

A dreamy outdoor ceremony and/or reception is one of the biggest reasons couples choose summertime weddings. However, warm weather and bright sunlight can be tough on guests. Let everyone know where extra sunglasses, bug spray and fans are with cute signs. You can also let friends and family know they’re welcome to fill a glass of ice water or cold pint from nearby dispensers to keep cool.

As the weather cools off throughout the evening, you may want to point people towards baskets filled with blankets.

Take Advantage of Summer Trends

A beautiful, breezy summer wedding’s signage is the perfect place to incorporate some cool wedding trends.

Living Signs

Instead of painting or printing your signs, consider growing them. Living signs, made from growing grasses, vines or succulents within letterforms, are perfect for welcoming guests. This style of signage is best for large, simple lettering, rather than important details. You’ll also need to plan this element of your wedding early, so you, your florist or your decorator have time to grow the sign!

Neon Signs

For a fun, customizable sign that’s completely photo-worthy, consider adding a neon sign to your décor. You can point people towards the bar or dance floor, or simply light up the night with your new last name.

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