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Decorating your destination wedding from a distance is a challenge. You want your venue to be the space you’ve always dreamed of. However, you’ll need to transport unique décor to your destination and coordinate rental decorations from afar.

These destination wedding décor ideas will help you create a beautiful ceremony and reception with easy to pack accents, pretty yet practical elements and local details.

Easy to Pack Accents

Items that can be folded flat are perfect for destination wedding décor. Table runners take up less space than full tablecloths in your luggage and can be used to add personality to rented linens.

Balloons, tissue paper honeycomb decorations, paper lanterns and ribbon are easy to pack and won’t break. They’re also inexpensive, so it’s okay if they don’t fit in your suitcase for the trip back home. Cardboard cupcake towers fold flat as well. This is an item you can buy at home and personalize before your wedding.

Framed photos and signage are flat, making them easy to slip between linens and clothing. To reduce their weight (and prevent shattered glass), substitute the glass in the frames for plastic.

Pretty Yet Practical Elements

Must-have items can also serve as décor. For a warm-weather destination, arrange sunglasses or flip flops in cute baskets at your ceremony. A fully stocked water station with fresh fruit and unique pitchers will keep guests hydrated. You’ll also need decorations for one less space! In chilly locations, replace the flip flop filled basket with a stack of shawls that match your wedding color palette.

Local Details

Adding touches of your host country’s culture is a growing trend. Incorporate décor details using local flowers and natural accents like shells, grasses or branches. You can also treat your guests to a beautiful wedding favor from your destination. This means one less item to pack and a pretty piece that will fill a table at your reception.

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