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Stay Organized with a Wedding-Only Email Address

Creating an email address just for your wedding can help save stress as you and your fiancée venture further into the planning process. This email is what you’ll give to your vendors, use at bridal shows, communicate with your wedding party and create your registry with.

Separating your wedding email address from your personal or work email lets you share access with your significant other. This way, you both see the email from your photographer or best man.

You’ll also avoid distraction while trying to pay bills online or focus at work. Your wedding is probably constantly on your mind without multiple emails about dresses and flowers before your first cup of coffee. After your wedding is over, you can simply stop checking this email address, instead of unsubscribing from the dozens of wedding-related businesses who now have your personal email.

What should our wedding email address be?

Couples often choose to use simply their last name followed by wedding. This clearly explains to recipients who they’re getting emails from and why, which can be helpful for busy bridal parties and vendors who provide services beyond weddings.

If you want to add your own spin to your joint wedding email address, use your wedding hashtag or the title of your first dance song. Just remember to keep things simple. While the address will go in writing on your website and bridal show forms, you’ll also be giving to vendors over the phone.

When do I use our wedding-only email?

Once you make your wedding-specific email address, use it for everything wedding-related. Creating a separate email address will only help you stay organized if you make sure all of your wedding emails go there. Send related emails from the address and check it often to make sure you take advantage of limited time offers and meet contract deadlines.

You can create an email signature with your name and phone number, as well as your fiancée’s. Add a link to your wedding website and include the date and venue where your wedding will be held. This eliminates any confusion for vendors and even family members.

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