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Many couples today are opting for cupcakes as their wedding reception dessert. There are an almost unlimited number of cake, filling and frosting flavor combinations to serve your guests. It’s also easy to ask your caterer or baker to add a batch of allergen-free cupcakes to your order.

Cupcakes are being served alone or with a small cutting cake for the bride and groom. Either way, you’ll avoid leaning on your catering or venue staff to cut and plate your cake. Guests can dig right in after you and your new spouse enjoy the first bites.

These tiny treats are incredibly customizable. You can mix and match flavors, frostings and toppers to create a collection of cupcakes that perfect complements your venue and décor.

Gourmet Flavors

Chocolate, vanilla, red velvet and carrot cake are classic flavors guests will appreciate. More adventurous couples can accent their menu with gourmet flavors. Think tropical fruit fillings, rich peanut butter and chocolate or savory flavors. Your caterer can help you choose delicious flavor combinations.

Styled Frosting

Frosting is a blank canvas perfect for adding color to your dessert table. Keep things simple with a single color or a couple of complementary shades. For a pretty palate, create an ombré effect with gradually darker frosting throughout your display. While most cupcakes are frosted with a star piping tip, there are multiple options to add unique texture to your cupcake display.

The Toppings

There are two options when it comes to toppings: small, edible accents placed right on the frosting or larger flags that can be added after cupcakes arrive at your venue. You can easily mix and match these two decorating methods for a collection of coordinated desserts that blend beautifully into your reception’s décor.

Consider edible flowers, sprinkles, fruit slices, chocolate shavings or sprigs of herbs as toppers that add to the flavor and beauty of your cupcakes. Use a cupcake pick to top the treats with your first initials, the cake’s flavor or simple heart.

Cupcake Wrappers

You’re familiar with translucent paper and foil cupcake wrappers, which can be a great fit for some wedding themes. If they aren’t going to cut it on your big day, there are specialty wrappers that can dress up your cupcakes to match your venue. Lace, natural paper, patterned, vintage and made-to-order options are all easy to order.

For an extra special touch, tie a ribbon around each cupcake wrapper.

Display Your Cupcakes

After designing your wedding cupcakes with your baker, you’ll need to create a display for your cupcakes. Tiered stands are a popular option. Set out additional cake stands, wood slices or antique dishes to fill your dessert table.

You display doesn’t need to hold all of your cupcakes at once. After the initial rush, catering staff can refill the display for the next wave of guests who can’t wait to try your beautiful wedding cupcakes!

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