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Honeymooning couples looking for sunny beaches, luxury accommodations and mountainous hikes – all without large crowds or long flights – should look no further than the Caribbean. Some of the most romantic tropical islands in the world are located in the teal waters between Florida and Central America. There is a Caribbean honeymoon destination for every kind of newlywed couple, whether you want to relax on a beach and enjoy a full-service spa or explore national parks and sail from cove to cove.

For Culture: Barbados

Barbados combines its British history and island vibes into a single culture. You’ll find polo matches and afternoon tea that give way to tuk bands, which play music influenced by African and British sounds. Festivals, traditional foods and colonial architecture add to the historic charm of Barbados. Honeymooning couples will also appreciate this destination’s location outside of the hurricane belt. 

For Sailing: British Virgin Islands

There are over 55 islands within the British Virgin Islands, making this territory a sailing couple’s paradise. Crystal clear water paired with diverse coral reefs and The Baths make exploring the waters around BVI more fun than the islands themselves. Of course, you’ll find beautiful resorts here as well.

For Exploring: Grenada

Adventurous couples will love the spice plantations, mountainous rainforests and friendly locals of Grenada. Known as the Spice Island, nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves are grown on plantations here. Honeymooners can tour them, as well as the Grand Etang National Park, which is home to monkeys, birds and the Seven Sisters Waterfalls.

For French Flavor: Guadeloupe

Here, honeymooners will find French-speaking locals, cafes and boutiques. Guadeloupe’s National Park offers mountainous rainforest hiking and biking. Of course, you’ll also find romantic white sand beaches and wonderful scuba diving and snorkeling.

For Cliffside Resorts: St. Lucia

The picturesque Grand Piton Mountains are the focal point of many resort views, along with beautiful beaches and cliffside infinity pools. Recover from the stress of wedding planning with luxury spa treatments, open air suites and high-end restaurants. You’ll also find dark- and light-sand beaches, exotic hiking and natural hot springs. The colorful city of Castries is a popular cruise ship port that honeymooners will also enjoy if they grow tired of lounging on the beach.

For Luxury: St. Barths

Surround yourself with yachts, boutiques and candlelit dinners on the small island of Saint Barthélemy. Residents of this Caribbean honeymoon destination often speak both English and French. You’ll find beautiful beaches, fishing, sailing and scuba diving, as well as history, science and art museums.

For Beach Bums: Turks and Caicos

While there are more than 40 islands and cays within Turks and Caicos, only eight are inhabited. This is great news for honeymooners looking for privacy. While there aren’t many options when it comes to sightseeing, the beachfront luxury resorts are a destination in their own right. You’ll find stunning coral reefs, protected natural lands, horseback riding and more here.

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