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The number of venue options for brides and grooms is constantly growing. The variety of venues continues to expand as well, with some of this year’s trends offering unique choices.

Obviously, the look and feel of a venue is incredibly important, but couples are also considering their guests’ experience and personal touches in 2019. If you’re searching for the perfect wedding venue, think about incorporating one of this year’s biggest trends.

Venues that Have it All

Destination and weekend weddings are a great way to celebrate your marriage over the course of a few days, rather than just one night. Venues that have it all, including ample accommodations, transportation, built in entertainment and good food are the way to go. Resorts are a good option, but you could also consider a large rental home, bed and breakfast or national park.

Private Estates

A private estate makes for a lovely venue for any wedding. They offer beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces, wedding party accommodations, and a guarantee your wedding won’t be interrupted by any strangers. Private estates are easier to personalize than public spaces and you may have a wider variety of vendors to choose from.

Large Outdoor Spaces

Couples are searching for venues that offer large outdoor spaces in addition to their indoor footprint. Gardens, fields and forests are perfect for wedding photos and guests who want to take a break from dancing.

Nontraditional Indoor Spaces

Museums, libraries and industrial venues are enjoying popularity as the perfect place for indoor weddings. These spaces don’t feel cramped thanks to high ceilings, rooftop patios and loft-style layouts. Venues with transparent ceilings and lots of windows are also great for making a space feel large, as well as offering a beautiful view.

Rustic Venues

Farms and wineries have been a favorite among couples for years now, and they’ll continue to offer beautiful wedding spaces this year. The same is true for rustic backyard weddings, which are both personal and budget-friendly.



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