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Planning your wedding is filled with new terminology and dozens of decisions. Before meeting with a wedding planner or visiting venues, learn these wedding phrases to help you stay on the same page as your vendors.

Cake Cutting Fee

Your beautiful wedding cake needs to be cut and plated before your guests can enjoy it. Your venue or caterer will likely charge a cake cutting fee to do this. A cake cutting fee is just one reason more couples are turning to bite-sized desserts!

Color Palette

While themed weddings are falling out of favor with engaged couples, choosing a color palette to anchor a ceremony and reception is popular. A color palette is a few colors, usually one primary color and a few secondary accent colors, to give your wedding a cohesive feel.

Corkage Fee

If your venue allows you to bring your own alcohol to serve at your reception, they may charge a corkage fee. A caterer providing services at a private location, such as a backyard or barn venue. This may be charged per bottle, per guest or as a preset cost.

Day of Wedding Coordinator

Regardless of whether you’re hiring a wedding planner or organizing your wedding yourself, you’ll need a coordinator for the day of your wedding. This person will manage your timeline on the big day. They’ll make sure everything runs smoothly, from the bridal party’s makeup to the after-dinner dancing.

Escort Cards

The small (often creative) cards that tell people which table they’ll be seated at are known as escort cards. They’re located in an easy-to-find area where guests can see them as they walk into your cocktail hour or reception. Escort cards differ from place cards, which are already at the table and point guests to a specific seat.

Groom’s Cake

Traditionally, grooms’ cakes were served, along with a smaller bride’s cake, at the end of the wedding to the newly married couple. Today’s grooms’ cakes often buck tradition, featuring the groom’s favorite hobby or sports team.

Sweetheart Table

If the table you and your new spouse are seated at for the reception is just for the two of you, it’s a sweetheart table. Is your whole wedding party seated around you? Then you’re at the head table.

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