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Couples opting for a buffet-style meal may find that the food tables serving wedding reception guests take up a large footprint within their venue. As a focal point during part of your reception, the decorations on and around your food tables should be given the same consideration as the décor throughout your venue.

Decorating the food tables at your wedding reception presents a challenge due to limited space and necessary functionality. These spaces are first and foremost the way you’ll serve your guests. However, you can employ simple décor that is reminiscent of your centerpieces, wedding cake and other wedding elements as food table decorations at your wedding reception.


3 Tips for Wedding Reception Food Table Decorations

Use these simple décor ideas to add character, without sacrificing the purpose of your food tables: serving your guests a delicious meal.

Personalize Your Tablecloths

While white linens are appropriate for your guests’ tables, consider accenting your décor with a unique tablecloth for your food tables. It’s okay to spend a few extra dollars on beautiful lace or personalized embroidery because there will only be a few of these tables to decorate. Colored tablecloths are also a good option because they will better hide stains from spilled food.

Use High and Low Décor Elements

To add elements of your overall wedding reception theme into your food tables, use elements that won’t be in the way of your catering staff or guests serving themselves from the buffet.

For height, choose tall vases with smaller floral arrangements that mirror your other centerpieces. Or, use tall branches that complement your décor elsewhere. If you use tall elements, consider anchoring them to the table to prevent any accidental spills or shattered glass.

Short items can be placed around and between serving dishes without getting in the way. There are dozens of options no matter your theme. Shells, rose petals and succulents can all be used. Add light with candles in short votives or strands of twinkle lights. Nestle labels for each dish that match your invitations or other signage among these low food table decorations.

Hang Decorations Overhead

Elect for overhead decorations, which look great paired with a detailed tablecloth and minimal tabletop décor. Lanterns, chandeliers, pompoms and garlands are all gracing wedding venues this year.

Once you’ve decided how your food table will be decorated, use the same elements on other crowded spaces throughout your venue, including the dessert table, bar and card table.

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