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Your wedding website is the perfect place to include lots of details that don’t fit on (or aren’t appropriate for) your wedding invitations. Try to keep important information, like when and where, front and center. After all, your website is for your guests!

Keep everyone informed and prepared for your big day with these wedding website details:
  1. Your Names: Unless you want a misaddressed card from your new great aunt-in-law, prominently feature both of your names in a legible font.
  2. When: Include the date and time as soon as possible.
  3. Where: Your venue is an essential detail for many reasons. Out of town guests need to know where (and what climate) they’re traveling to. The ambiance and logistics of the venue will help guests decide what they’re wearing as well. Include a map for easy directions.
  4. What to Wear: Elaborate on your preferred dress code. The design of your website, whether formal, modern or rustic, will help reinforce this detail.
  5. Hotels: Your guests would rather take your guidance on hotel options than rely on online reviews. If you reserved hotel blocks, this is the place to share those details.
  6. Airport Information: Often, there is more than one nearby airport. Suggest your favorite, the most convenient and the one most likely to be affordable.
  7. Wedding Schedule: Keep guests informed with a schedule of the day’s festivities.
  8. Transportation Options: Are you providing a shuttle from hotel to venue? Is public transportation reliable on the weekends? Does Lyft respond faster than Uber? Let guests know.
  9. What to Do: Traveling guests may have a morning to spare while in town. Share your favorite coffee shop, running trail, museum, etc.
  10. How You Met: Recap your romance for guests who are a little fuzzy on the details.
  11. Kids: Whether or not you’re inviting kids can be a sticky subject. Include all the specific details on your website in a respectful way.
  12. Honeymoon Details: Everyone wants to know when and where you’ll be honeymooning! Include a few details about your destination and what you’re most looking forward to.
  13. Contact Information: You don’t need to include your phone number, but an address (for gifts) and email address are helpful for guests.
  14. RSVP: Even if you include a paper RSVP in your invitations, make RSVPing online an option. Last minute guests will be able to let you know if they’re coming, even if they lost your invitation months ago.
  15. Registry: It’s okay to include registry details on your wedding website. Hopefully, it will cut down on the number of people who ask you where you’re registered.

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