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This year, couples are planning honeymoons for far-off destinations that offer adventure and romance in equal proportions. While all-inclusive resorts and stateside minimoons will never go out of style, post-wedding destinations are becoming more unique and personalized in 2019.

We’re seeing couples choose safaris in South Africa, temples in Thailand and everything in between – including beaches, which are considered a honeymoon staple by many. If you’re looking for a unique getaway to celebrate your nuptials, consider one of these destinations.

South Africa

South Africa is becoming a beautiful destination wedding locale and it makes for a stunning honeymoon as well. The diversity of the country appeals to many couples looking for activities they both enjoy. Start in cosmopolitan Cape Town before sipping wine at mountainside vineyards, enjoying a safari through Kruger National Park, driving The Garden Route along the southern coast, and relaxing on dozens of beaches.


Adventurous couples ready to journey to the end of the earth with each other will love Chile. You’ll find plenty of beautiful coastline; both white sand beaches and rugged cliffs abound here. This also means great seafood! You’ll find deserts, glaciers, mountains, stargazing, wineries and centuries of history here as well.


The small islands in the Indian Ocean that make up the Maldives offer honeymooners white sand beaches, luxury accommodations and tropical rainforests. Coral reefs and sandbars surround the islands, perfect for snorkeling and sailing. You’ll find resorts, live-aboard boats, lodges, villas and more on the islands, making it easy to personalize your trip to the Maldives.


Other Mediterranean countries, such as Spain, Morocco, Italy and Greece, may be more popular with couples on their honeymoons. That doesn’t mean you should ignore the beautiful Croatian coast. The history of medieval Dubrovnik; vineyards, olive orchards and beaches of Hvar; and culture-filled Split offer couples a unique honeymoon experience.


Thailand offers a variety of experiences, from big-city Bangkok to the white sand beaches of Krabi Province. Hike through hundreds of temples, stay at high-end island resorts, explore coral reefs, enjoy delicious Thai food, celebrate your marriage with all-night parties, chase waterfalls and more in this Asian destination.

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