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The tables you and your guests share during your reception are a blank slate. This may be one more place you’re excited to decorate for your reception. Or, you may be worried about how you’ll fill your table settings with a mix of décor that’s both pretty and practical. Your guests do need to eat on these tables, after all!

Use these ideas to take place settings and centerpieces from boring to beautiful, without breaking your budget.

  • Use unique flatware. If your caterer will be renting silverware for your wedding, consider upgrading to a more unique set. Splurging on rose gold or matte black flatware can freshen the look of your tables without having to purchase additional items. Depending on the size of your wedding and where you’ll be having your wedding, purchasing flatware in bulk may be a more budget-friendly option.
  • Incorporate your favors. Not only will you save space by eliminating the need for a favor table, you’ll save on your table settings too. By incorporating your favors (such as potted plants, glassware or seasonal fruit), you have less need for “fillers” on your tables.
  • Mix and match plates. Choosing complementary, but not matching, plates to stack on top of one another gives your table settings more personality. Consider unique patterns and vibrant colors paired with neutral linens. If you really embrace this idea and start early enough, you may be able to find all the plates you need at thrift stores.
  • Add candles. Candles are by no means a new wedding décor idea. However, today’s couples are going beyond white pillar candles. Bold colors, varying heights, unique enclosures and battery-powered options make candles a versatile and affordable option for any venue.
  • Include bold table numbers. You’ll need table numbers to point guests to their seats. Why not use statement-making numbers to add to your décor? Laser-cut metal or wood, photo frames and antique books are all beautiful options.

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