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Wedding reception trends continue to shift toward experiences in 2019. Couples are more often considering their guests’ wants when planning their receptions. This might mean asking for everyone’s favorite song or opting for a unique venue. For a stand-out wedding, get inspired by one of these experiential 2019 reception trends.

A Unique Venue

Your venue options are almost endless, if you think outside the box. Think about what’s important to you and your guests before choosing the perfect location for your reception. Your favorite bowling alley, a spacious rental home, a picturesque greenhouse or your hometown team’s stadium are all possible. There are also the local aquarium and zoo, great for animal-loving couples or events with lots of kids and kids at heart.

Spruced Up Interiors

Indoor weddings are safe from weather-related last-minute changes. In 2019, we’ll see more couples opting for indoor weddings; however, they’ll be bringing the outdoors in with lots of florals, greenery and even grasses. Arches and arbors over the head table, as well as arrangements hanging from chandeliers will add greenery from the top down. Other spaces will be filled with decorative wreaths, living walls and potted plants. Tables will be topped with garlands and low floral arrangements.

Intimate Celebrations

Instead of hundreds of friends, extended family members and coworkers, couples in 2019 are pairing down their guest lists. What started as a necessity for destination weddings is now trending in weddings both near and far. Smaller weddings from 20 to 80 guests are growing in popularity this year.

Pre-Ceremony Cocktails

Treat your guests to drinks both before and after your ceremony to get the party started! Serve a single signature drink or point guests toward self-serve taps. Make sure you pair your offerings with plenty of water, especially during summer months.

Upgraded Photobooth

Photobooths have been a reception trend for years now – for good reason. Guests love cheesing with their dates, friends and family. Upgrade your photobooth for 2019 with a unique backdrop of chalk art, greenery or streamers.

Kids’ Activities

Scavenger hunts, crafts, puzzles and kid-friendly food stations make your reception fun for all ages. If you’d rather skip the family-friendly activities, you can also opt to provide child care during part (or all) of your reception so that parents can have a great time without worry.

The After Party

Keep the party going with a second venue for late-night celebrating. Your reception’s last song doesn’t have to be the end of the night. Invite your guests to share drinks, late-night food and good times at your favorite bar, in your backyard or another special venue.

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